What to pack on your camping trip

Del Rio Resort camping near Sydney

It comes to the day before you leave for your camping trip and it’s the time you have dreaded …. packing. There’s always a fine line between over packing and forgetting everything. I guess the bad thing about camping is that if you do forget something you can’t just call concierge to bring it up to room 110.

Well don’t worry look no further we have all the essential camping items to pack on your holiday. We should know we’ve had 35 years of camping experience out here at Del Rio. Just because we are situated in Sydney doesn’t mean we don’t know our stuff.


  1. Air Pump

We all know too well after 1 or 2 night sleeping on the air mattress you toss and turn in your sleeping bag and the floor starts to creep a little closer. No matter how many times you try hard not to step on the air mattress whilst going into the tent to grab something it still begins to deflate. So make sure you bring that air pump to keep your mattress from deflating!!


  1. Toilet Paper

Long car trips can get a little boring sometimes hey. We unconsciously keep drinking water whilst in the car not realising there’s no toilets along the road. In case of an emergency bring the toilet paper along so your well prepared for a pit stop along the way, if you know what I mean.


  1. Board Games

Nothing smells defeat more than beating your family members in a good old board game. We all don’t want to admit it but everyone has a competitive streak in them. I always think some of the best camping stories come from a good old fashioned board game. There’s nothing better than having bragging rights for the rest of the trip.


  1. Hanging night light lamp

I know all you professionals already know about this item. Although this is by far an essential camping piece. There’s nothing worse than walking into your tent in the dark and nearly bring down the whole tent trying to find your ugg boots.


Bring these items along and I promise you’ll leave your camping trip with a new way to beat dad at monopoly, a fabulous feeling back from your luxurious air mattress, an upright tent and an less stressful pit stop on your way home to Sydney.


Please note: Campfires are permitted during the winter months as long as they are in a suitable fire brazier- they cannot be on the ground or in large gallon drums. Fires may be possible during Autumn and Spring dependent on fire conditions- please contact Del Rio reception to enquire. Del Rio has a limited number of braziers for guests to use which can be collected free of charge from the office.