Holidaying with kids can be a daunting task at the best of times. Although so rewarding, enjoying nature can be the most worthwhile experience for you and your children. A time to unwind and relax. These hot tips will help your holiday be as carefree as possible.


Set up in the daylight  

This is a must do when camping with kids. Setting up in the dark will cause unwanted stress for the whole family. Ensure you plan ahead and leave enough time to drive to your destination and to set up your site before the sun goes down. Del Rio Resort is only an hour from Sydney therefore that won’t be too much of a problem for you!


Dirty washing bag

Pack an extra bag to put your dirty washing in. You can have two separate bags for whites and colours. That way when you get home all you have to do is throw all the washing straight in the machine. It saves time on your trip as we all know kids go through clothes like anything, especially on holidays. You can easily go into the suitcase and grab a clean shirt for the new day.


Kids torch or head lamp

Buy each kid a torch or head lamp to have themselves. Children love to feel independent and this is great for safety too.  


Packing with clear containers

What’s there to eat? I’m hungry. Does that sounds all too familiar? Packing all your items especially kitchen items in clear containers helps you find everything that much quicker. This stops mum and dad from searching the campsite for that one packet of chips. Being organised before you leave for your trip is key.


Be prepared for wet weather

If you get some bad weather pull out the indoor games to keep the kids entertained. Board games, books, Lego, glow sticks and puzzles will do the trick.


Washing Station

Camping with kids can be a messy experience. Dirty feet and dirty hands can be a nightmare around the campsite. Having a washing station will help ease the stress and mess. Set up an area where you have paper towel, hand sanitiser, water and soap. That way when dinner is ready you can send the kids straight to the station to get cleaned up.


Meal plan

Lastly, do your grocery shop before you leave and plan out your meals for your holiday. Plan easy and quick meals that everyone will love! That way when it gets to witching hour the meal is planned and ready to cook. The last thing you need is the kids crying because they’re hungry and you’re still trying to work out what’s for dinner. We promise this’ll save a lot of stress!