Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide- Camping Edition

Christmas is fast approaching and although you’re excited the thought of heading to the shops to purchase gifts is a little daunting. Well rest assured you’ve come to the right place. We have provided you with a list of presents for the whole family! Why not purchase presents you can use on holidays whilst camping at Del Rio Resort!

1.Walkie Talkies

This is the perfect gift for the whole family. Why not purchase one for everyone. The kids will love it! This will also help you know where the kids are at all times. Whilst they are on the jumping pillow you can call them back to the campsite for dinner. Absolutely effortless!

2. Ring Toss

An absolute classic game that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

3. BBQ Set

We all know how competitive it can get for dad to cook the ultimate steak. Why not purchase a BBQ set that he can bring along with him! Even better he can use his new tools on our Webber BBQ if you stay in one of our beloved Riverside Villas.

4. Massage Voucher

Treat mum to a massage this Christmas, she definitely deserves it! The lovely ladies at Sheer Indulgence visit Del Rio Resort and can give mum the ultimate massage. Simply purchase a voucher here and mum can book it in for her next visit to us!

5. Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is the perfect gift for children who love the outdoors and nature! This is a great activity for kids to investigate all the little creatures surrounding them! They are nice and small so you can easily throw them in the suitcase. The children will love exploring all around our park with the opportunity to take their new present on one of our bush walks.

6. Binoculars

This present is suitable for both dad and the kids! Sit by the Hawkesbury River and watch the boats go by with your new binoculars or once again they are the perfect item to take bushwalking.

7. Go Pro

A little more on the expensive side but this could be a joint present for all the kids! Capture all the best moments on a Go Pro. From splashing in our waterpark to jumping on the jumping pillow to riding on the BMX track. It’ll be a great video to watch back with the family!

8. Portable Hammock

Once again the perfect gift for the whole family. Give mum some time out and let her read her book in silence on the new hammock (although this silence may be short lived).

There’s a gift here for everyone! Get shopping and bring all your new goodies to Del Rio resort, we promise you wont regret it!