New Internet at Del Rio Riverside Resort

Yes you can now access the internet whilst at Del Rio Riverside Resort.

If you forgot to send that last minute email at home, or want to find out tide times, weather forecast or even ask some questions to Mr Google you can now do this at Del Rio Resort by the river, in your cabin or tent, outside the Rio Cafe or Del Rio Sports Club.

Please take a quick look at our video to find out how it works.

Prices are as follows:

1 Day 250MB – $8.99
2 Days 500MB – $11.99
5 Days  750MB – $29.99
7 Days 1000MB – $34.99 


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Maureen McNamara is the Marketing Manager of Del Rio Riverside Resort and has a broad knowledge of Del Rio as she has been going there since she was a small child. Maureen has a real passion for Del Rio Riverside Resort, she loves the glorious Hawkesbury River and the wide open spaces available at Del Rio Riverside Resort. Maureen is always open to suggestions to write on the blog pages, so please do not hesitate to shoot her an email with photos, special events or funny little stories. You can contact maureen on

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