Kayaking on the Hawkesbury River

kayaking at Del Rio Riverside Resort, Wisemans Ferry



We have many activities at Del Rio Riverside Resort, but we thought we would tell you about one more activity which will take you down the glorious Hawkesbury River.

How about kayaking , you can pick up your kayak from Able Houseboats which is located alongside Webbs Creek Ferry, Wisemans Ferry. Kayak Past Del Rio and see what our park has to offer from a different perspective. If your daring you could even catch a fish from your kayak in the river!!

Make a day of it and take the family on a trip down the river. It’s even a source of exercise which is always a bonus!

Call Able Houseboats today on 1800 024 979 to book in your Kayak, its only a short trip across the Webbs Creek Ferry, Hawkesbury River