Digital Detox Challenge

In our technologically driven world, kids are growing up with devices in their hands, and screens have become omnipresent companions. While technology undoubtedly offers invaluable educational resources and communication tools, it’s equally important to create a balance. A digital detox for kids can be an effective way of promoting healthier habits and nurturing their offline skills.

A digital detox is a purposeful break from electronic devices, providing children with opportunities to engage with the physical world around them.

Introducing Del Rio’s Digital Detox Challenge!

Are you ready for a break from screens? At Del Rio, we’re encouraging our young ones to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with the world around them.

We’ve crafted fun and engaging challenges full of exciting activities. From exploring nature ? to playing ball games, biking, and so much more! We have something for everyone.

And guess what? There’s a bonus! ? After 5 challenges are complete you will be able to choose a prize! Who knew going offline could be so rewarding?

Are you ready to take a step back from the digital world and dive into some offline fun? Join us on this adventure! ? This is a free program we offer at Del Rio Riverside Resort for the kids over the holidays to help kids and their families reconnect with one another and with the environment around them.

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