Del Rio Riverside Resort’s little Echidna

Our Manager Bunny was doing her routine morning walk around the park and she walked past the big paddock in the Water’s Edge area when she came across this amazing and very rare little animal called “The Echidna”.

We have come across so many different animals over the years at Del Rio Riverside Resort  such as Walabies, Lyre Birds, Koala, Wombats, but not an Echidna.  As you will see he/she is a very cute little thing, when Bunny walked closer, it rolled up into a little ball to protect itself.

The Echidna is an interesting little animal, the sides and tail the echidna is covered with strong pointed spines. In between the spines is coarse hair. Its tummy is covered with soft hair and the long pointy spines are its only form of protection.

The echidna has a long snout. It”s very sensitive to touch and it can feel vibrations. It also has a very good sense of smell. When the echidna smells food like ants or termites it uses the claws on its feet to dig out its dinner. It sends its long sticky tongue into the nest and flicks it around. The insects stick to the tongue and are then drawn into its tiny little mouth.

Also did you know the Echidna is found our 5c piece?

On your next trip to Del Rio Riverside Resort make sure you look out for our little Echidna friend or you might find another unique animal.  If so please don’t hesitate to send me photos or a short story to

Our little Echidna