Del Rio Resort Lodges have been upgraded

Our Ski Lodge has had a spruce up.

The whole lower level has been repainted.  A lovely light colour that brightens the place up.  We have installed a wall mounted 50” TV, and DVD player.

The kitchen has a new oven, full wall length stainless steel bench and a large commercial fridge that can hold enough food for a small arm.

The outdoor fire pit has been renewed and will be able to house many wonderful campfires.

Equestrian Lodge


Our equestrian lodge is also being given a face lift.

A brand new complete kitchen has been installed, including an upright oven.

It is being painted throughout.

A large reverse cycle air conditioner has also been installed.  This has also allowed us to remove the old combustion stove to make more room for lounge seating.

A new timber top dining table has been hand made to enhance the charm of the lodge.

The outdoor deck has had a new floor laid, and new floor tiles under the BBQ.

All in all our lodges’ look and feel refreshed.  They have serviced our Resort Guests for over 30 years now, and we hope they will continue to bring joy to many families and groups