History of Del Rio

The Property Del Rio Riverside Resort is situated on 450 acres in Wisemans Ferry on the Hawkesbury River. The property was once a Citrus Orchard. It was purchased 57 years ago on the 21st April 1961 by Bill and Pat McNamara who owned and operated a commercial and industrial building company. At the time the property was isolated with no road access until the Webbs Creek Bridge was built in 1972. Prior to the bridge the only access was by launch across the river, the property was mainly used as a weekender for Bills family. When Bill and Pat originally purchased the property of Del Rio Riverside Resort, it was very different compared to today’s Del Rio Riverside Resort with lots of open land, sweeping hills looking over the spectacular Hawkesbury River. Establishing a tourism business in an unknown area back in the 1970’s wasn’t an easy task, however it is a great achievement to know that we are one of the oldest tourism products in the Hawkesbury Region.

Bill and Pat are very proud owners and operators of Del Rio Resort, Bill has so much passion for Del Rio and for the Hawkesbury area. We are very proud to be a family run and owned park still to this day. Bill and Pat along with their family are pleased to share this beautiful and beloved piece of land with you.