Christmas Activities at Del Rio

Soak Up the Festive Heat at Del Rio Riverside Resort

‘Tis the season to celebrate Christmas, and where better to embrace the warmth of the holiday spirit than at Del Rio Riverside Resort in the heart of Australia? Surrounded by the beauty of the Hawkesbury region, this hidden oasis is gearing up for a sun-soaked Christmas with a lineup of activities that promise festive fun for the whole family. From a whimsical balloon show to face painting, kids crafts, a family disco, and breathtaking fireworks at 9pm and midnight, Del Rio Riverside Resort invites you to experience the Christmas holidays with us.

Balloon Show

Our talented balloon maker is ready to enchant you with whimsical creations that will add an extra touch of magic to your holiday festivities.

Face Painting and Kids Crafts

Let your little ones unleash their creativity with face painting and a range of kids’ crafts that reflect the festive spirit. From crafting Aussie-themed ornaments to transforming faces into holiday masterpieces, the craft station and face painting corner will be buzzing with activity, bringing joy to the young and the young at heart

Family Disco

Put on your dancing shoes and join the festivities at the family disco, offering families a chance to dance and celebrate under the warm Australian night sky. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just looking to let loose, the family disco promises a night of laughter and joy for everyone

Fireworks Extravaganza at 9pm and Midnight

No New Years celebration is complete without a fireworks display, and Del Rio Riverside Resort is pulling out all the stops. At 9pm, watch the night sky come alive with bursts of color, creating a dazzling spectacle. Stick around for the grand finale at midnight, as the resort bids farewell to 2023 and brings in 2024!