Biggest Kangaroo at Del Rio Riverside Resort

Hi Kids

We have the biggest, ginormous kangaroo at Del Rio Riverside Resort.  He is so muscly and strong and wonderful to watch hoping around the golf course.

Did you know kids that a large mature male kangaroo can stand more than 1.8m tall and the largest seen in Australia is 2.1m tall and weighs 150kg?  Wow!! I wonder how tall our kangaroo is.  Hey, next time you’re out at Del Rio Riverside Resort take a picture of the biggest kangaroo and send it to me. I would love to see your photos.  But make sure kids you don’t go too close to Mr Kangaroo, he likes to keep his space and privacy.

It’s amazing what nature can do, kangaroos are capable of conserving enough water and selecting enough fresh vegetation to survive in an arid environment.  They are an amazing animal so resilient to the Australian environment.

Sadly our biggest kangaroo is quite old now and unfortunately the other kangaroos have asked him to move to another area.  But he looks from a distance and always keeps his eye on his friends and pulls the young ones into line.

But we have a problem kids, we don’t have a name for our biggest kangaroo!!  I was thinking maybe Solomon, Brutes or Hercules.  What do you think?  Which name do you suggest? We can’t have our favourite and largest kangaroo without a name.  So either make a comment on this blog or email with your suggestions.