Beginners guide on building a campfire with a fire pit

Having a campfire roasting marshmallows telling stories is an iconic winter night. Campfires are loved by the whole family. Ensuring the fire is roaring is essential for a winters night.

Camp fire at Del Rio Riverside Resort


Before jumping in the car to embark on your journey. Here’s a few handy tips to follow. If you have it available try and pack the car with these items to save you scavenging for them at your holiday destination.


If you’re unfamiliar with tinder, tinder is materials such as dry leaves, bark, newspaper, wood shavings or dry grass. It is essential that you only use dry materials as wet tinder will NOT catch fire!


Kindling is great for catching fire easily although it burns very quickly. Any small twigs or branches that are dry are great for the fire. Get the kids involved and get them to help you find these items in the backyard, they’ll love it!

Fire wood

The fire wood as you may have guessed is what keeps the fire burning for long periods of time. Fire wood can be bought from our office in 20 kg bags for $20.

Now to laying your fire, here’s the most common and best way we think to lay your fire! Firstly, at the bottom of the fire pit lay a bundle of tinder. Then begin to lay a bunch of your kindling over the tinder in a tepee fashion. If you have it on hand use fire lighters to put under the tinder. Light a match and light the tinder. Wait until you see the kindling alight and then add a small amount of fire wood to the pit. Lastly a handy tip, however much fire supplies you collect double it! You’ll be surprised how quickly you will burn through the materials.


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