Do you find yourself wanting a sweet treat after dinner? Get your camping squad together and cook up a dessert feast using one or more of these trusty recipes. They’re easy, little equipment needed and taste delicious! All of these recipes will be loved by the kiddies, we promise. Did you know we are one of the only parks in Sydney that allows camp fires? Well now you do! We provide all your camping needs from the brazier to the firewood to the marshmallows. Just remember all these recipes can be modified to suit your camping situation. 

Classic Toasted Marshmallows

You can’t go wrong with a classic toasted marshmallow around the fire. Gather some sticks for your camping squad and toast away.
Ingredients: Marshmallows
Equipment: Campfire, Kebab sticks or any sort of stick. 


Smores are traditionally an American dessert. Although they don’t mind sharing this delicious treat. The toasted marshmallow covered in melted chocolate with the added crunch of the biscuit is a must have campfire dessert. 
Ingredients: Chocolate, Biscuits and marshmallows.
Equipment: Skewers and campfire. 
Campfire Cones 

Campfire cones are a fun twist to the traditional smores. Grab a bunch of your favourite waffle cone toppings and have a ball with your camping buddies creating your own cone treats. 
Ingredients: Waffle ice-cream cones, toppings of choice: Marshmallows, Chocolate pieces, bananas, raspberries and strawberries.
Equipment: Foil and campfire.
Giant Oreo Skillet Cookie

Who can’t say no to an Oreo? I know we sure can’t. The combination of the melted Oreo and gooey cookie dough will have your mouth watering. 
Ingredients: Cookie dough and Oreo’s.
Equipment: Skillet and BBQ or campfire. 
Campfire Toasted Bananas

A campfire banana split is a must try recipe! It’s simple and easy to make and will be a crowd favourite. 
Ingredients: Bananas, Marshmallows and chocolate.
Equipment: Foil and campfire or camp/cabin kitchen. 



Is your mouth watering yet? Organise your stay at our park and try out one of these delicious recipes in a cabin, camp kitchen or using a campfire.