Packing the board games like pictionary and monopoly is a must on a camping trip. Although if you get sick of the usual games here’s a few to keep the camping trip exciting as ever. There’s a game in here for all ages of the family!

1. Glow In the dark game toss

Glow sticks are always the way to go with kids. They make a great camping game too. All you need is one large, glow stick and lots of small bracelet glow sticks. Put the large glow stick into the ground and let the kids aim for the stick. It’ll keep them amused for hours.

2. Charades

Charades is always a classic no matter what the setting. The worse you are at acting the better the game! Charades is great for the little ones as well with a little help from the adults.

3. Catch or don’t catch

Something to get everyone off their camping chairs. All you need is a circle of people and a ball of any sort. One person stands in the middle and says “catch or “don’t catch”. Similar to Simon says if the players does the opposite they are out.

4. I spy

It’s hard to get past I spy being the ultimate camping trip game. Probably best kept for the car trips to keep everyone amused. Each player gives clues on an item they see within eyesight. The rest of the contestants have to guess what it is. For example “I spy with my little eye something beginning with A.”

5. Camping trip

This game might be a little hard for the little ones. It really tests your memory skills. “I’m going on a camping trip and I’m going to bring …”. Each person in the circle keeps adding another item onto the trip. Whilst remembering what everyone previously has said.

Save this list in your favourites for your next camping adventure with your family.