4 Gorgeous birds you can Spot at Del Rio Resort

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With an abundance of food and freshwater, the variety of Australian native birds is a plenty. Here are 4¬†gorgeous¬†birds we spotted at Del Rio in June. The pink Galah is extremely cheeky, making the most of the remaining fruit off the Liquidamber Tree which are scatted through Del Rio”s Golf Course. The Galah”s make a complete mess all over the ground but they are having lots of fun filling their belly”s before Winter kicks in.

Sparrows are very rare to see in the cities due to dominance of the Indian Minor birds. However, there are plenty at Del Rio, most of them located up near the Serenity and the Escape. When you go for one of DelRio”s bushwalks, you”ll probably come across Kookaburra”s.

The Del Rio staff also put seed for the King Parrots, this is right next to the office where you check in and out. Keep your eye out for these beautiful native Australian birds and make sure you have your camera ready.


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